Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friday October 30, 2009-Rayford Crossing

At least it wasn't raining this morning. After coffee, we hung around the park. I helped Bob and Jerry work on Bob's trailer. They discovered the problem last night had been in the wiring to the motorcycle trailer that had shorted out and gotten hot enough to melt a section of drain hose from the bathroom. This hose burning is apparently what caused all the smoke and excitement last night. They later found an air line that had also been burned in two, which they replaced. The air line is for the trailer suspension that they installed recently, so there was no air to support the trailer. Bob started to move Big Mama to put air into the tank, but I told him that my truck was closer and since the park is packed this weekend, I would not lose a precious parking space. I came over and the air was added in short order.

We left for Texas City to pick up Tyler about 2:30. The drive was slow because of traffic delays but we made it okay. Cameron was very upset because he couldn't come to visit, but he doesn't remember that Kim and Jeremy spend a lot of money for him to play with this baseball team and had to pay for the tournament this weekend. I felt bad because he started to cry but he made the decision to play ball this weekend instead of coming to visit us.

We got back up here about 7:30 and Tyler decided we needed to go to Red Robin for supper. We got back home about 9 o'clock and went down to Peggy and Lin's for a little while to visit with our friends. Of course, when we came in, Tyler had grabbed my computer, but he did give it back to me after I threatened him LOL. He's a great kid and I am very proud of him.

So long.

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