Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday November 26, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I would like to begin by saying that we have SO much to be thankful for. We absolutely love our lifestyle and wouldn't change a thing about that. We have our health, although there are challenges on the horizon. I know that we are all thankful for the military and for everything they do to keep us free, but I would also like to add a large group of people that also keep us safe and that is public servants. Not only the obvious Police, Fire and EMS but those employees that keep the streets, drainage and parks working and safe for us. Many of them have to work on holidays too, taking them away from friends and family.

The park is full today and a few "weekend residents" came down to have coffee with us. After finishing up coffee, I returned home and Stella fixed us some breakfast. She had already begun preparing her dishes for lunch, so we stayed in at home until time to go down for the Thanksgiving feast.

There was a very good turnout for Thanksgiving, an estimated 90 people. I know that both of the rally rooms were full but there was still some empty seats. One of the round tables had been set up near us and no one sat at it. We had a great meal and had some nice conversations with Kerry and Patti, Rhonda, and Eddie, Kelly and Cody who sat at the table with us. Everyone had a good time, although there was a report from Frank that some of his family got sick from something they ate. No one else reported this, so I don't know what they ate that was bad for them.

We came home and I watched football on television all afternoon. It was a nice way to end the holiday celebration.

So long.

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