Monday, November 2, 2009

Saturday October 31, 2009-Rayford Crossing

All Hallows Day (Hallloween) began with breakfast in the Rayford Room prepared by Frank and Nancy. We had a choice of blueberry or regular pancakes with sausage. I waited for Stella to come down because I knew that Tyler wouldn't get up to come down, but when the line started getting big, I went ahead and ate.

When I got done eating, I came back and got my camera and took photos of some of the decorations that had been done for the rig decorating contest.
Here is a motorhome right across the street from ours that has a giant figure on the back to scare off all the little kids. I guess it worked because I didn't see too many kids around it.

Another site that was decorated for Halloween. There were several friends that were close together that all decorated their sites. They all had a good time.

Another of the friends that decorated their site. They were all cute and they spent a lot of time doing the decorating.

Some large figures at the front of a motorhome.

I thought this one was the best of the group. The large figure is a cauldron that a figure inside the cauldron seems to be pushed down into the boiling water. I guess it's one of those things that you had to be there for to get it.

This photo and the next shows how full the park was this weekend. I guess these are the times when you really want to own an RV park. I don't think they could have put another rig in anywhere in the park.
A full park!

Grandson Tyler was hard at work. He looks a lot like his PePaw with the computer in his lap and a cup of coffee on the table beside him. As you can also see, he hasn't made his bed this morning either.

The weather was just about perfect this weekend with cool nights and warm sunny days.

There was a lot going on in the park this weekend for the kids, a hidden pumpkin contest, crafts for kids and of course, just getting out and enjoying the weather and the other kid's company. Tyler met another boy about his age who is also named Tyler and goes to the same school as he does. They didn't know each other prior to this weekend but I bet they look each other up in their school now. The other Tyler's parents are friends of ours from previous camping trips and his mother works with one of our dear friends who used to live next door to us.
We enjoyed Michael Maker, the one man band in the afternoon. He puts on a great show and we all enjoyed him. He and Melissa from the park intend to get married very soon.
The main adult activity this weekend was the chili making contest. This year there were 22! entries. I volunteered to be a judge of the chili and had a good time doing it. There were 53 other judges, and we all tried to be fair and give each dish an honest judging. It was a lot of fun as usual.
We had another great potluck dinner after the chili judging. We listened to Michael play as we ate and I think everyone had a good time. I know we did. After eating, I built a campfire at Tommy's site since my firepit was down there already. Several people came down and sat out by the fire and we enjoyed chatting with our friends. This is what camping and the RV lifestyle is all about.
So long.

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