Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday November 22, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today is Sunday, so there is no meeting for coffee. Everyone sleeps in and drinks their own on Sundays. Stella and I slept later than usual and ate breakfast here.

Today is Tyler's birthday. He turned 13 years old today, can you believe it? It reminds me how old I am getting because I sound like my Grandaddy when I say I remember the morning that Tyler was born and how much he has meant to me since then. Tyler, the first-born son and grandson, and he will always have a very special place in my heart. I love all three of my grandsons but I guess like a lot of folks, the first one is a little bit special.

On our way to Texas City, we stopped off at Dickinson to pick up our mail and to check the yard. We had hired a company to come cut the grass and we needed to look at their work. The yard looked good, so after picking up the mail we left. We had plenty of time, so we went by the Via Bayou RV park where our friends Harry and Judy were staying. Judy recently had some foot surgery and we wanted to check on her. We have not seen our good friends in a long time but will soon see them at the Boomer rally at Rayford. We will also spend New Year's Eve with them in Louisiana.

Like many, we have a family tradition of letting the birthday boy choose where we go out to eat. Tyler chose the Texas Roadhouse, but changed his mind to Logan's Roadhouse. Kim, Jeremy and Cameron had eaten there on Halloween weekend when Tyler was with us at Rayford, so they convinced him that Logan's was better. The food was okay but I have had better. Tyler was surprised when the crew from the restaurant came out and recognized him for his birthday. It's not every day that a young man becomes a teenager.

We went back over to their house and Tyler blew out his candles. Kim only had three birthday candles-you know how it is, these special days just sneak up on you-but somehow Tyler blew them all out. Jeremy made a delicious cake from scratch, so we all had a piece of cake before we had to come home.

We had been gone most of the day, so Cassie was glad to see us. I still miss Ralphie but maybe someday I'll find another little Schnauzer/poodle and will name him/her Ralphie.

So long.

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