Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday November 8, 2009-Rayford Crossing

There was no coffee in the rally hall this morning, so I just slept in. I slept in my chair until about 7:30, very late for me! At least I got caught up on my sleep this morning. Stella fixed us some french toast this morning for breakfast.

We stayed inside most of the day and watched football. It was very relaxing and that new television is GREAT!! I'm so glad we decided to upgrade. The picture is unbelievable and I haven't even had to do anything to "tweak" it.

In the early afternoon, more of our friends arrived. Pete and Jean arrived from Livingston where they ran into one of our Boomer friends, Barbara Spade. They had been expected to arrive yesterday but had a problem with their Hitchhiker trailer. In the spring when they took the trailer to storage, Pete had run off the road and had to be pulled back onto the road by a wrecker. Apparently when the wrecker pulled him back onto the road, it had damaged the suspension. When they pulled it into the park today, the entire left side of the suspension was loose and one of the tires had rubbed against the shock absorber. Pete said he had pulled into a veterinarian's office overnight and he had to sleep in the truck. They made it in today but will have to take the trailer back to a shop to be repaired.

We went to El Palenque again with our friends tonight and it was a great time. This group can certainly get rowdy! Kim once said that she couldn't believe what us "old people" do and talk about, and this group is the poster child for that!

We came back home and watched the Cowboys beat the Eagles, which Stella loved! I like to give her a hard time about her "Boys" but I'm secretly glad when they win. Sadly the Texans lost to the Colts but it was not unexpected. It began to rain just after I went to bed and it rained all night long, not a heavy rain but a soft rain. We really don't need any more rain but the farmers are probably glad for it.

So long.

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Barbara said...

Glad to hear Pete and Jean made it there ok but sorry to hear about their 5th wheel trailer. Please tell them the Suzuki repairman was wonderful and he is going to fix up my little toad car for me. See ya'll on Dec. 11th at Rayford!