Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday May 15, 2009

Stella got up pretty early and went to DeMontrond Chevy in Texas City to pick up Kim. She had dropped off her car for some warranty work to be done and needed a ride to work. It sure makes it easier to have both cars again. If not, I would have had to dress and drive over to pick her up, and as it was, I stayed here with Cassie and watched television.

After Stella got back, we stayed around the trailer until time to go to Discount Tires for the new tires for the truck. We met with Lupe, the young man we had talked to before about the new tires. He had told me that the BF Goodrich tires we had on the truck were as good a tire as the Michelins we were looking at, but the Michelins would be quieter, so this is the way we went. They got right on the tire change and didn't find any other problems, so we were on our way in about an hour. The technician that moved the truck did discover the air horn and had a good time with it in the parking lot. That's what it's there for guys.....

We went by the house to get the mail and at the same time, I went in and got our old shredder. Stella had several old documents that needed to be shredded before they were discarded, so after we came back home, I sat outside and got the job done. I filled up just about half the park's dumpster with shreds of reports and other documents, but now it's done and we're not taking up valuable storage space with 10-15 year old documents.

That chore took up a couple of hours in the afternoon. Stella had been steadily working on other work for her clients, so we took a lunch break about 2 o'clock. I ate the last two pieces of leftover fish which filled me up.

We went by the Post Office in Dickinson to drop off some mail that had to be postmarked today and went to pick up Kim at work to take her back to her car at the dealership. We went to pick up Tyler at his school, where he was practicing for a play. He is playing Umpa Lumpa in the Willie Wonka play next week. Jeremy had picked up Cameron, so we went to their house and took both boys to eat some burgers before Cam had his last baseball game.

Cam's team lost the game and didn't seem to have their minds on the game. I guess it's because this is the last game of the season and tomorrow the playoffs start. We'll have to see how they do in the playoffs.

We went home with the boys and played Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader with them. We didn't leave their house until after 11, so it was a fun night, even if the baseball team lost.

So long for now.

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