Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday May 22, 2009

I slept in this morning for the first time in awhile, until about 7:30. I got some pigs in a blanket for my breakfast this morning, so it started out well. I went out and set up the new-looking porch and steps. The new powder coating looks great and I recommend it to anyone that wants a nice smooth finish that seems to last forever.

Ted arrived about 10:30, so I went over and visited with him while he got set up. Donna was not with him right now, but will come over with the many items they will take with them on their long trip. She took just about everything out of the freezer and all the perishables in the pantry and fridge. We will be gone until October, so there is no reason the leave them behind.

Just before Ted arrived, Tommy Hathcock had arrived. He didn't have a tow vehicle with him, so it didn't take him long to get set up. His most difficult job was getting the dish antenna on the roof aligned to pick up the satellites.

We just piddled around the park, watching all the others arriving.This will be a big weekend here in the park, and I'm sure that just about every kid in Houston will be here. It's fun to watch others get set up. One fifth wheel trailer came in and hit one of the large rocks at the corner in front of the laundry room. The driver apparently didn't know he had hit the rock because he dragged it for a long way before he got stopped. I was inside at the time but Ted was outside and saw it as it happened. He went over and helped the man get the rock out. Luckily for him, there was no damage to the trailer.

Mike and Barb Ellerbrock arrived for a little reunion with their family. We visited with them for a little while, along with Mr. Webb and Vickie who were also down for the weekend.

Things have really changed in the few months that we've been gone. They now require a hanger on the mirror showing departure dates, arm bands on special weekends, and have started using Jimmy Fayard as the night security man. He patrols around in a golf cart to check on things, and now locks up the laundry room. Someone tried to break into the Coke machine, and some kids had tried to get into the change machine a few months ago, so they lock up the laundry at midnight and reopen it at 7AM. I know there were several people that used to use the laundry late at night, but these thieves make that impossible now.

Stella and I took several things to storage this afternoon. I took my new tripod for my antenna to storage because I can't get the parts I need to make it work until after we leave on our trip. I got the tripod from
Ricky because he doesn't need it any more since they're not living in the trailer any more. He apparently threw the mast away and I will need to get a new one.

We came back to the trailer and left for Mel's Country Cafe in Tomball. We met Tommy and Susan and Bob there and had a great meal. We came back and went over to the pool where we had some coke/root beer floats at the social hour that was set up by the park. We sat around talking and visiting with friends 'til about 9:30 when the skeeters came back and went home to bed.

So long for now.....

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