Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday May 27, 2009 Moving Day

Stella woke me up this morning putting things away in preparation for leaving this morning. I went outside and got most of the outside things done early. We had a few more boxes to take to storage, so I took them over after the gates opened at 7. I stopped off at the Valero and picked us up a couple of breakfast croissants and brought them back. What a guy I am, to fix breakfast for my wife!

Ricky and Tommy came over and helped me get the porch down. Three pairs of hands made quick work of taking it down. We got it stacked up in the back of the truck and I continued to work outside.

Somehow the power cord for my computer had broken. It looks like it was cut, but I think I may have accidentally put the chair leg down on it, cutting it. Ricky and I repaired it and checked it out. It's working! Yippee.....

We got away a little before 10 to go to Camping World to have some minor issues taken care of. We made good time through Houston and got there right about 11 o'clock, which was right on time. I found out that they had overbooked on service work but since we had an appointment, they will get our work done. We set up the electricity and water, so we will be comfortable when we come back to the trailer this afternoon and will spend the night in the back lot. That way, we'll be right there for tomorrow's repairs to be made.

We stopped off at a Best Buy store to check on the power cord. I learned that they have an after-market power cord that only powers the computer but doesn't charge the battery. I really want one that does both but will have to go back to the manufacturer for that. We went to the HEB grocery store and bought several items that the boys had used up, including milk and cereal. Those boys can sure put the food away!

We returned to the trailer in the CW parking lot and hung out for the afternoon. It sucks not to have our Dish TV antenna set up, but that's a little too much trouble and besides that, its just one more thing to put away in the morning. Stella had some more work to do anyway, so we just stayed home.

I later went out and took everything out of our storage compartment and rearranged it. It was a lot of work but it's much more accessible now and looks a lot better.

I turned out to be a pretty good night, but noisy! I didn't realize the freeway noises would be so loud here, but it was bad. I had a hard time sleeping all night, but it could have been worse, we could have had to get a motel room. I'm afraid that may happen some day but at least it wasn't today...

See ya

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