Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday May 24, 2009

Today is the big Memorial Day celebration here at Rayford. I got up a little early and when the boys got up, I fixed them some cereal for their breakfast. There were a lot of activities for the kids in the park, and believe me, there are a million of them. Every kid has a bike, a skateboard-either motor powered or leg powered-skates or some sort of wheeled mode of transportation. Nobody loves kids more than I do, but it sure is hard to love them when they run you off into the grass to avoid a collision.

Surprisingly, neither of the boys wanted to go fishing this morning. Of course, Tyler immediately went to the computer. Cameron didn't want to go outside either, so they stayed in for the first part of the morning. I finally got them to go out and ride their ripsticks. One of our Boomer friends, Mike Ellerbrock, came by and tried to ride with the boys, but he gave up before he fell and broke something. We had a nice visit with Mike and Barb before the threatened rain chased them away.

I got the boys to go for a walk around the park with me. Tyler rode his ripstick and Cam walked with me. When we got to the back part of the park, Tyler took a bad spill and of course, it was Cameron's fault-Tyler's version. Tyler did have to avoid Cam when he passed him going downhill, but he lost it when he hit a wet spot on the concrete, and made him fall.

Stella went down and played Candy Bar Bingo and surprised all by winning most of the candy. She threatened all of us over trying to get her Kit Kat, but said the boys could have the Hershey's candies.

We went over to the Rayford room where they served a coney island/frito pie dinner. All the guests had to bring was a dessert and a drink. We got there early and had our dogs, and then invaded the desserts. We should have waited because other desserts that came in later looked very good. It had rained pretty hard for fifteen minutes or so, which made a lot of folks late to come down, so we may have missed out on something delicious but we still had plenty to eat.

Cameron and I played a couple of games of ping pong while the rest of the adults sat in the soft chairs in the breezeway. When I finished beating Cam, I joined them there. We ended up staying there until about 9:30 when the skeeters made us leave. I did take a short break to play some pool with Ted and Cameron. Someone had taken the cue ball and Billy had gone into the office to find another one. He put Cameron "in charge" of the cue ball, so we had to play a game or two of pool with him. He is supposed to return the ball to Billy in the morning.

Tomorrow will be fun to watch most everyone leaving the park. It is the end of the long weekend, and always interesting to watch the others leaving. Ted and Donna will leave Tuesday morning and we will go to Camping World on Wednesday.

So long for now.

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