Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday, May 5th & 6th

Tuesday was a very slow day for us. We stayed at the trailer all day and went to Cameron's baseball game at 8 o'clock. They managed to win the game 10-6 but the season is almost over for them.

Wednesday, Stella had made arrangements to go to Eric's office to work with him. Before that, she did some work here at home for the other clients, and I took her to work about 12:30. I came back home and hung out here until she called me about 3:30 to come pick her up.
We went over to Froberg's Farms in Alvin and bought some good vegetables there. They have a big farm and have farmhands that pick and harvest their veggies and then sell them in a big market. They have been there for years and are pretty famous in the Alvin area.

We both got hungry from looking at all the yummy veggies, so we decided to go to Kelly's for burgers tonight. We returned home and put our purchases away and watched television until bedtime.

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