Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday May 11, 2009

My back bothered me all night and I stayed up most of the night. Stella had told the boys that we would take them to school this morning but I didn't feel like going. She took the truck and took both of them to school. Cameron has to be in school at 7:30 but Tyler doesn't have to be there until 8:15, so she had to make two trips to the schools. By the time she got back, I was feeling a little better and I soon went over to the house and got some of her work papers that had been stored in the garage. She called and made us an appointment to meet one of the girls in Dr. Merritt's office to put the papers in her storage unit tomorrow. After leaving the house, I went and got some fuel for the truck. I went to the Conoco in Dickinson-they had the best prices-and got 22.3 gallons @ $2.09 per gallon to go 387.8 miles for a 17.4 MPG average.

I washed the truck off and cleaned up the trailer when I got back. We went over to Liggio's in Dickinson to pick up the Blazer. We had left it last week to have a transmission cooler leak fixed. It was good to see Jasper and Vincent Liggio again. I have been friends with them for many years and Jasper was on the City Council when I went to work for the Dickinson Police Dept. in 1982. I got my truck inspected, so now we are ready to go on our long trip with a fresh inspection sticker and new tags. Jasper gave me some conduit to protect my horn wires and tubing, which was nice of him.

Stella and I got hungry about 2 and ate some leftovers that were in the fridge, so we didn't eat supper. I worked on my blog all evening, to catch up from last week, and never really got hungry. We did eat some sugar-free ice cream about 9:30.

Another nice day in the RV park.

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