Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday May 17, 2009

The boys spent the night, so it was pretty crowded in the living room until they woke up and folded up their bed.While they were getting out of bed and getting ready, I took down the steps and porch. I had located a friend of mine who is doing powder coating in his shop behind his house. I had run into Bobby when I went over and had coffee in Manvel last week and had made arrangements to take the metal items over to have them coated.

When the boys got up and about, we drove over to the house where Bobby is living. It turns out that he is living with another man I know, Scott Van Dusen, in Manvel. I have known Scott for many years and know he is very competent. I have seen a lot of his work on both his own vehicles and on MAVFD trucks and know Scott is very talented. When we got to his house, he invited me into his shop and showed me some of his work. He told me he puts three coats of powder on his items, and they are absolutely gorgeous when he gets through with them. I am excited about the finish on the porch, and am only worried about the time it is going to take to finish them before we are ready to leave.

After we dropped the porch off, we returned to Alvin where we stopped at Joe's Breakfast buffet. I had seen the signs for the buffet for a long time but we had never had a reason to come to Alvin for breakfast until now. The food was very good but there was a problem with the manpower in the restaurant. There were few servers and wait staff, and we had to finally just call someone over to our table to order the boy's drinks. The food was good but not great, and I would recommend that anyone in the area that wants a good breakfast buffet to try it. They may have had a bad employee day today, and it may be all better the next time.

We returned to the trailer and played games all afternoon. The boys wanted to stay and didn't want to go home, even when Jeremy called and said he had fixed some ham and scalloped potatoes for supper.

Jeremy's supper was good, and we all had plenty to eat. We stayed for a little longer at their house before we came back home. The boys are going to miss MeMaw and PePaw when we leave next week.

So long for now,

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