Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday May 18, 2009

Wow, what a change, it was 60 degrees outside this morning. Spring has returned, even if its for a few days. I made some cereal for my breakfast and watched Stella working on one of the doctor's accounting. She wanted to go over to the house to drop some items off and to go through some other clothes, and to go to the county tax office to get new license tags for her Blazer so she could drive it.

I went for a long walk around the park and came back to cool off before we left. We went to the tax office first and while there, I spoke with one of my former employees at Manvel, Steve Burt. Steve is getting a similar treatment to what I did in Manvel. He got hurt on the job back in December, twisting his foot and ankle. He said he reported it in a timely manner, and now, after being diagnosed as being permanently disabled by one of the city's doctors, has been told that after his six months of sick leave/worker's comp runs out, he will be terminated because he is no longer able to do the job. It is unbelievable how they treat their employees.

We went by the house and while I cut the front grass, Stella worked on the back bedroom, cleaning it up. She filled up another large trash can and two bags full of clothes before I got hungry and we came back home to eat our supper.

Tyler is playing Umpa Lumpa in the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory play at his school tonight, but Cam has what may be his last baseball game at the same time. Tyler will be performing again on Wednesday night and said it was okay with him if we went to the ball game and came to watch him on Wednesday.

We went to the ball game and like we were afraid, they lost 9-0. I think the boys are just tired of playing and with school ending next week, their minds are not on a ball game.

Jeremy is still getting the run-around by his financier for the house, and now has to wait on an appraiser to get two other comparative houses in my neighborhood. It seems to me that this should have been done a long time ago, but as Stella pointed out, with the deregulation of banks, things have changed drastically in the banking industry. There are new, inexperienced people everywhere in banks, and their lack of knowledge and experience make it hard on both the buyer and the seller. I am so frustrated right now I don't know what to do. It seems like someone should let a supervisor with the lender know what is going on with this loan, and step in and close this thing so we can all move on with our lives. I know Jeremy is tired of getting put off and he can't find a renter until the house belongs to him.
I hope we'll get this done in the next couple of days.

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