Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday May 8, 2009

Today we all woke and went to Bill and Ornell's trailer for pancakes for our breakfast. Ricky and Dee brought bacon to go with the pancakes and we brought juice and other side items.

Larry and Jodi did bring their rig over in the afternoon, and got everything set up for the weekend. They too were in a back-in site on the water, near the other two rigs. Bill had a doctor treatment to make, so the rest of us hung out until they got back. When they returned, we all went over to T-Bone Tom's restaurant in Kemah. We called ahead and made reservations since there were eight of us eating out that night.

The band they had tonight was terrible and the food was only so-so. It was really crowded, which is pretty normal for a weekend night, but the service was slow. Ricky had asked the waitress about an appetizer, but she never answered his question (she didn't get much of a tip from us)

While eating, we saw several police cars, two ambulances and three fire trucks speeding by, going south on Hwy. 146. We later found out that there had been a very bad accident with three fatalities. We were all sorry to learn about it and just glad it wasn't us that were involved.

We came back to the park and sat outside between the two trailers, again until the skeeters got bad and chased us back inside, but it was a very nice night for us.

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