Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday May 25, 2009 (Memorial Day)

I got up this morning and went outside about 7, which is my usual activity when we are in a large group. I like to watch the early morning activities of all those that must leave today. Not many were out this early but the buzz of activity soon started. The kids were still out on their skates, skate boards, bikes or other wheeled vehicles, so I still had to be careful walking across the road without looking first.

Cameron and I played a game of ping pong and he beat me 21-19! I guess I have to give up my crown to him now. We had a nice time together. Cam, Tyler and I soon went for a swim in the pool for the first time this weekend. The water was surprisingly cold but we soon got used to it and enjoyed ourselves. We all got blistered in the hot sun, mine mostly on my bald head, but it was still fun.

We came back to the trailer and hung out for the afternoon and went to Tommy and Susan's for a cookout. Ted and Donna had some steaks, Stella made up some hamburger patties and some corn on the cob, but we also had sausage, chicken breasts, and Ricky and Dee brought out some sausage with jalapenos and bacon wrapped around them that were very good. We had plenty of food and everyone was full at the end of the meal. We sat around talking until about 10. Dee and Susan had to go to work the next day and Ted and Donna are leaving for Lufkin where they will have some work done on their trailer and then on to Texarkana for the night.

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