Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday May 23, 2009

I slept a little later again this morning. We met Ted and Donna and Tommy and Susan for the park-furnished breakfast of pancakes and sausage. As usual it was very good. We sat around chatting until about 9:30 and came back home. Those straight back chairs make my back tighten up, so I went in and turned on the vibrating heating pad and that fixed me right up.

Bob had come back over this morning, and we all went over to check out a vendor that had come to the park this morning with some pulled pork sandwiches. Bob was hungry and bought one. He said it was okay but not anything special. Soon after, Stella went to the grocery store with Ted and Donna to pick up things for hamburgers that we were making this afternoon. I stayed in the trailer and took a very short nap while they were gone. Hey, someone could have been watching to see when we left so they could break in and steal something. I had to stay and take care of things around here.

Tommy & Susan and Stella & I went over to the Country Place RV Park in Cut N Shoot to see the small group of Boomers that had gone there for the holiday weekend. Eddie and Kelly Rogers had set it up and Ricky and Dee & Bernest and Pauleen had all gotten together this weekend for the fishing and fellowship. While we were there, I saw Steve and Evelyn Simmons, some old friends from the Boomers. Also there with them were Ed and Sharon Bowen, also from the Boomers. Steve said he has a couple more years to go before he can retire, but Ed and Sharon are retiring next week! Sharon is a schoolteacher and will retire at the end of this school year (7 days) and Ed has been a forklift mechanic and will semi-retire in 15 days. Ed and I have stayed in touch by email and occasionally ran into each other in an RV park where we were for a weekend. He had heard about my retirement from Gwen at Rayford. It was good to see old friends, and hopefully we'll continue to see them on the road. They plan to sell their house and full time as we are doing.

Ted and Donna had stayed in the park because they were expecting Donna's niece to come by for a visit. They had not shown up by the time we got back to the park, so we all got together and made hamburgers at Tommy's site in the nice new gas grill in his premium site. We were almost through with our meal when they finally showed up.

Stella got a call from Kim that they were not going to Louisiana with her Dad after all, so I made arrangements to go pick up Tyler and Cameron. I had a couple of beers at Ricky's and Stella and I had finished off a bottle of pina colada mix with our hamburgers, so I asked Bob if he would drive me down to pick up the boys. This being a holiday weekend, the Police were having a zero-tolerance weekend for DWI, so I decided not to risk driving after having a few drinks. Bob has been inquiring about some of the parks in and around Dickinson, so I took him by the Bay Colony RV Park and the Via Bayou RV Resort where we had just left. I think he realized that there are advantages to both parks but will have some time before he has to make his decision.

We made it to Kim's house and picked up the boys and came back here without incident. We did see a bad accident on I-45 where a car had turned over. I hope no one was badly injured. The boys were glad to get here and we all had some ice cream (no sugar added for me) and went to bed soon.

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