Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday May 26, 2009

I woke up pretty early and went outside to see Ted and Donna off. They were supposed to leave at 7:30 and were right on time. I helped Ted check his tire inflation. He had a problem with his tire gauge and I brought mine over to finish up. We will see them again in Ohio or Indiana next month and go on our multi-state trip with them.

Ricky needed to go to Camperland to look for a part for his oven vent. His vent had broken off and he was looking for a screen to cover it so no bugs or bees will get in. They didn't have anything but I did buy some replacement bulbs for the light under the counter over the sink. When we got back to the trailer, I got real energetic and feeling very mechanical, changed out the burned out bulb.

The boys had spent the night again, even though today was a school day. This is the last two full days of school and both had missed school before now, so they weren't getting any perfect attendance awards, so they stayed here. Jeremy has a meeting this morning in the Woodlands and will pick them up when he's through.

I went swimming with Cameron again and we had fun playing horses with the basketball and throwing the football across the pool. We also went into the hot tub which made my back feel much better. We went back into the pool and I got tired of all the bugs in the pool. Cam found a small net and I swept up a pound or so of dead bugs out of the pool.

Jeremy was coming to pick the boys up about 11, so we got out of the pool and they gathered up all their stuff. This may be the last time we get to spend time with the boys before we leave and we won't be back in Houston until October. This is all assuming that the house sale goes through. If it doesn't, we'll be back to try to sell it again.

This afternoon, Stella wanted to get her hair cut (I offered to do it for her but she declined) and to get a pedicure (another offer). I took her to the new Kroger shopping center and found two shops right beside each other to take care of her. I dropped her off and went back when she was done.

We just hung out in the trailer the rest of the afternoon. I did get all my yard art and chairs picked up and put away. We will be leaving Rayford tomorrow.

A new Cheddar's restaurant had opened at I-45 @ Louetta, and Ricky has been watching it come along, so we all went there for supper. Bob also met us there. The place was packed and the service was very slow but the food was good and the prices not too bad. Stella and I shared a sampler platter of appetizers and there was plenty of food for both of us.

We came back to the park and sat out at Ricky's trailer. Billy and Gwen stopped by and visited with us for a little while. They were telling us about their new website It will be more interactive and they were asking about features we wanted to see in it. It sounds like a good site. It will be fun to see it when it comes online.

The skeeters started biting again and we all went in about 9:30 or so.

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