Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday May 28, 2009

We got up early this morning because Stella has to go to one of the doctor's offices to meet with her. We also had to close everything up for the service technician to work on the trailer this morning.

We got everything done and were away from the store a little after 8. We went to Dr. Longmire's office in Hitchcock for Stella's meeting with Dr. Gulde. I sat in the truck with Cassie and read a book while she was inside.

At least the weather wasn't too bad and I was able to remain fairly comfortable while waiting. Cassie slept through the whole thing.

When she got through, we went by Dr. Gulde's office so she could give some papers to Jackie there. We then went by the house and picked up our mail and to visually check on it. We get an amazing amount of junk mail addressed to occupant or resident.

When she got through, we started to go by Dr. Merritt's clinic in Webster but found out that the work wasn't ready so we started to go back to CW to get the trailer. Along the way, we got a call that the rig was ready, so we hurried back to get the trailer.

When we got to the store, we went in and signed the papers for the repairs. They had not been able to correct the problem with the landing jack because they had to order a part, but we were assured that it should work during our trip without a failure.

I went in and bought a part for my new sewer hose, so we are good to go now. We went out and hooked up the trailer and left. We had called Bill to tell him that we are on our way to his house.

He fixed us some shrimp etoufee for our supper. When we got to his house, he helped to guide me into the parking space where we will be this week. After taking a break to cool off, we ate our supper and sat around on his back porch until we went in for the night.

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