Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday May 29, 2009

Bill had told me that he went to the donut shop in the morning to drink coffee and visit with his friends. I told him that I had heard of a donut shop but had never been in one.....LOL. I did intend to get up and go with him and woke up in time but came in the living room and went back to sleep in my chair and didn't get up to go with him.

Bill and I went to the Petro so that I could buy a CB radio for our trip. When we got there, they had a nice Cobra radio on sale but had sold out of them. They had the Wilson antenna that I wanted but not the radio. We went to the Flying J on I-10 in Orange to get the items I needed. TxDOT has I-10 under construction between Bridge City and Orange, so we were delayed about 45 minutes. The bad thing was, they have the road barricaded off but no one was working on the highway. the only workers out there were off the road on the new section of road and nowhere near the actual road. Before we got to the store, Bill got hungry and took me to a barbecue restaurant that has some of the best barbecue I have ever eaten.

We went over to the Flying J store and found the radio I wanted, a Cobra 29LTD. This is the standard radio used by truckers and should be everything I need for traveling. Flying J didn't have the antenna I want, so we will have to go back to Petro tomorrow to get it.

As a demonstration of how a CB radio can come in handy, Bill had turned his on when we got held up on the freeway to find out what the problem was and which lane was blocked.

We came back to Bill's house and both of us took a nap this afternoon. Stella had made some beef soup and a loaf of bread for supper but no one was hungry yet. Ornell had decided to work graveyard shift tonight for a little extra money for out trip, so we all decided to wait a little while to eat. After we ate, we sat outside on the back porch until Ornell needed to go in and try to sleep before she had to go to work.

I watched television and played on the computer until almost midnight before I went to bed. I guess I'm getting used to being retired and can stay up later and later, and of course sleep later too. It is nice and quiet out here at Bill's house, so I slept very well. I am planning to go to the donut shop with him in the morning, so we'll see if I can wake up in time to go.

So long for now.

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