Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Today we stayed at the trailer in the morning. We both ate cereal for breakfast and watched television. Stella needed to work on client's work today, so she took care of their business. She called Dr. Merritt's office and made arrangements to meet with Tina at the doctor's storage unit to take some files that Stella had at our house.

After we finished up there, we stopped at Discount Tires. I had found some suspicious marks on two of the tires on the truck and wanted to have them checked before we leave on our trip. The young man there told me that the indentions on the tires are completely normal, caused by the "clamshell" design of the tire mold. He said that a bulge would have been much more serious, but what I had found were nothing to worry about. He did suggest that since my tires are 4 years old, we might want to look at installing new tires since we are going to be on a long trip this summer. We decided to buy the Michelin tires and made an appointment to have the new tires installed on Friday morning.

We stopped at the Sam's club store to look around since we were in the neighborhood. When we started for home, Stella noticed that Popeye's Fried Chicken had a 5 piece dinner that she wanted for supper.

We came on home and stayed here until we went to Cam's baseball game at 8 o'clock. While sitting at the dining table, Stella noticed some green parrots feeding at my bird feeder that I had put up. There is a large flock of the green parrots that stay near the park, but this is the first time I have seen them at the feeder.

Sadly Cam and his teammates apparently had their minds elsewhere because they got blown out 14-0. None of the boys played well, although there were a few good plays. They have two more games to play and then go into the playoffs to detemine the league champion.

We came back to the trailer and I took some Motrin for my back pain and Stella put a heat strip on my back. I was able to lay down in the bed for a change instead of spending the night in my recliner.

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