Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monday May 4, 2009

We woke to cool temperatures this morning, but it warmed up soon enough. We had our coffee and cereal for breakfast and watched a little television this morning. Let me tell you, there is nothing on the regular TV channels!

Stella was working on some of her client's work, so I decided to drive over to Santa Fe to the Dish Network store there. We had used a Dish Network system a few years ago, so I knew Hal, the man who owned this dealership was trustworthy. He was out doing an installation so I made an appointment to come in this afternoon to look at the plans he has.

I went by Ron Carter Dodge in Texas City to speak to my long time friend Barry Caylor. Barry used to work for Gay Pontiac/GMC in Dickinson, and I had a service related question to ask him about my truck. I have noticed a drop in oil pressure and that the oil pressure gauge is quivering or fluctuating at times. I changed over to synthetic oil a few oil changes ago and was not satisfied with the performance of the synthetic and switch back and noticed this problem. Barry told me that it was normal for pressure to drop after using synthetic because of a Teflon-like film that covers all working parts in the engine. This sounds like a good thing to me, but he said that synthetics can cause a lot of problems with internal parts and are a lower density oil than what is recommended by the manufacturers. He said to stay with the quality conventional oil and no further problems should be found. He also said the quivering pressure gauge could be either a bad sending unit or a bad gauge.

I returned to the trailer and picked Stella up to go to Hal's TV in Santa Fe. When we got there, we looked at his offerings and took the 200 channel package as well as the HD package. Now I will have over 250 channels to choose from including over 50 HD channels. This is our only entertainment, so we decided to go for it. Hal will be over on Thursday morning to do the installation for us.

We were both hungry (I guess spending money makes us hungry) so we stopped at Kelly's in LaMarque for a burger. We have been going to this location for a long time and love the restaurant. The chain was started by a former Houston Police Officer, who wanted to give people more for their money in a home-style restaurant. It has become a chain of restaurants in and around Houston, and we like going there.

We returned home to watch network television one more night, but it will change soon!

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