Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday May 21, 2009

Today we moved from Via Bayou RV Park back to Rayford for the Memorial day weekend. I got up and after eating breakfast, went outside and started putting things away. I got most of the "yard art" and bird feeders put up and came inside to see how Stella was coming with her work for the clients. She was making good progress, and when she got through she went to Dr. Merritt's clinic in Webster to drop off some files because we didn't want to further clutter the trailer with things we didn't need. It took her longer than we expected and she called me about 12:30 to come pick her up at the house. We are leaving her car in the driveway for now. When the house sells, she will bring it to her house or put it in a parking lot to sell it for us. We have talked about giving the car to Tyler for his first car, but I'm certain that he is going to want a new car, probably a Mustang or Corvette....

We finally left the park about 2:30 and made the long trip of about 50 miles, to Rayford. We made it in without incident and visited with Gwen for awhile when we got here. It feels like home here, and I guess it always will. This is beyond a doubt, the nicest park that we have visited, and our favorite park IN THE WORLD!!!

I got all set up except for the porch and the Dish antenna when I discovered that my phone had died and would not come back on. I had noticed it being off while driving up here and had plugged it in, thinking that it may have become discharged, but it was not to be.......
time for a new phone.

We went to the AT & T store near the Kroger where Stella had bought her new phone a few months ago. They were still open and fixed me up with a new Motorola Razor that is similar to my old phone, only with some new features. I also got a new bluetooth headset so I will be ready if/when a new "handsfree phone operation" law comes into being. I think this will happen, so I want to be ready when it does.

We met Bob Wurch at Donnelly's Pizza for supper. We had a nice visit at one of our favorite pizza places. They have a great buffet and will make anything you want. They made a buffalo chicken pizza for us that was GREAT!! One time, they made us a peanut butter and jelly pizza that was remarkably good. As I said, they will make just about any kind of pizza you want.

We came back home and sat outside with Bob. Bob and I fooled with the dish antenna but it took Stella to fix the problem. I had found the menu but she typed in the zip code and the antenna somehow found the settings needed, so we are good to go now. I also learned that as long as the dish receiver is in place, you cannot get air signals or cable. I guess I will have to figure out a way around this problem, with the long trip coming up. The skeeters came out, so Bob went home and we went inside for the night.

Another nice night in the park.

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Juju and Harry said...

hey guys have a good weekend i am sure gewn has lots of fun plans for all did you get to bring the boys to the park. also tell mr. bob a texas howdy and let him see our blog and give him my email address ya have fun
juju your other wife