Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday May 19 & 20, 2009

We didn't do much on Tuesday, just stayed in and Stella worked on doctor's accounts. I took a couple of walks around the park, and visited with some of the other residents here. This is such a laid back place, and most of the residents work-probably in the plants in Texas City. There are a few full-time RV'ers in here and several of them have lived here for a year or more. We will likely come back here, but the next time we will pay the difference and get a waterfront site with the nice views across the bayou.

I watched the season finale of NCIS Tuesday night. Even though they don't portray the real world of law enforcement, I can relate to some of the characters. I really miss the show NYPD Blue that went off a couple of years ago.

Wednesday morning I got out and started cleaning things up and putting them away in preparation for leaving tomorrow. The birds have been eating a lot of birdseed, so I had to refill the feeder. I haven't seen the green parrots since last week, but i know they are around here somewhere.

I went over to Manvel to pick up my porch and stairs that had been powdercoated. They did a really good job and it should last us several years now.

While in the area, I stopped and got fuel. They still have the lowest prices in the area in Alvin, so I went to Buccee's and bought 22.6 gallons of diesel at $2.07 per gallon to go 357.5 miles for a 15.8 MPG average. I don't know why the mileage has dropped off, but it's still better than a gas engine.

We went over to watch Tyler's Willie Wonka play at his school tonight. It was a nice play, and Tyler did well as an Umpa Lumpa. We went to eat at Uncle Chan's at Tyler's request after the play was over. We had thought that the boys were coming to stay with us this weekend but Kim said they are going to Louisiana with her dad, and so they won't be able to come visit us this weekend. We hope we'll see them again before we leave.

So long for now.

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Juju and Harry said...

Hey guys we miss you. We have meet a few Texans. One couple is from the Kemah area. The other is from Bryan College station.
We plan to have lunch Sun. at a local resturant which brags they have the best chicken fried steak, so we are up for the challenge. Gotta tell Ricky.
love ya hurry and come play.