Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday October 29, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We woke to rain that lasted all day long. I managed to miss enough of the raindrops to get to the rally hall for coffee with Jim. The rest of the coffee drinkers will be in this weekend and next week, so we'll have lots of company soon.

As I said it rained all day long. It rained hard, it rained softly and it only stopped for a few minutes at a time. We had no flooding here in the park except the usual toward site #84 where Tommy is staying. That is where the drains were placed but they cause water to back up in the area. It runs off quickly but makes it hard to walk down the road with 4-6 inches of water across the road.

I met a man named Jerry who is staying here in the park. His son lives in Houston but is being treated for a brain tumor and is not doing well. He took a fall last week and broke his arm and had a nasty cut on his head. Jerry is very worried about him, and I offered to help him in any way I can. It makes me feel so bad with several of my friends, both here in this park and of course Judy and Jim who were with us for the Heartland rally but moved to Lakeview to be closer to the medical center for their cancers. I wish there were more that I can do.

Although the rain kept us inside most of the day, in a way it was nice to stay inside and hear the rain on the roof. I can tell you that it makes for good sleeping....

Tommy invited us over to eat soup tonight. Stella fixed some cornbread to go with it and we had a very nice meal with our friends Tommy and Susan. Susan works in the Woodlands and has said many times how nice it is to be much nearer to work. I again suggested that they just stay here instead of going back to Deer Park, but they plan to leave on Sunday.

We came home after awhile and watched a little television. About 9:30, our friend Christina came knocking and said that they smelled smoke inside their trailer. I immediately went over and found Bob outside opening the storage looking for the fire. We soon found some electrical wires that had melted near the battery, so he turned the battery isolator off, stopping current from going into the batteries. This took care of the problem for the moment but it will have to be investigated more in the morning when it is light. Nothing seemed to be damaged, so Bob will check it more tomorrow. A little excitement for the night.

So long.

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