Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday July 16, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

This morning, John and I met some guys from the Lufkin Sams RV club that had come into the park for a small rally. They had come down to go to the rally hall where they were to meet for breakfast with their group. They stopped off and talked to John and I as we drank our coffee. We offered them some of our coffee but they declined.

I took Stella to work today and came back to the park. It won't be long before I will have to start getting ready for our short summer trip, getting the truck checked out and such. We don't want to have any problems on the road.

I knew that Mike and Patrice were leaving this morning for their vacation trip to Wyoming. Remember, I had given him my kingpin tripod? Well, about noon, I got an email from Patrice that they were returning home because her dad, Pierre, had passed away. I had met Pierre through them while we were camping with them at different holidays. There were three families, Mike and Patrice, Patrice's sister Paja and her husband Don and their father, Pierre and his wife Darlene. They took us in as if we were a part of their family and we had many great times with them. Remind me and I'll tell you a story about our times sometime.

Pierre had been in rather frail health for a few years and today he apparently had a fatal heart attack at home. He was a great man and loved to play his guitar and sing. He entertained us many times around the campfire. We went to the Manvel Opry several times with him and he played there. He will be greatly missed by many of us. Rest in Peace, old friend...

Mike and Patrice had just pulled into Sam's Restaurant in Fairfield when they got the news about Pierre. They immediately turned around and started back home when they had a blowout on one of the trailer tires. Wow, what luck! Mike called me while they waited on their road service guy to come change the flat and asked me to find them a tire store near where they were. I located a store about twenty miles from them and gave him the location as well as a telephone number.

Later in the afternoon, I went down and got Len and Peggy and we went to pick up Stella from work. I took them on a quick tour of Timber Ridge and we picked her up. We all met Tommy and Susan at Mel's Country Cafe for supper. Susan had to work today, even though she was supposed to have been off but she missed a couple of days earlier in the week and because of the oil spill that she was working on so hard, she had to go in today. We had another great meal and came back home. Ricky and Dee had arrived and we all sat outside their trailer. They just picked their trailer up from Camping World, even though it wasn't fixed. CW has had it for a couple of months and can't seem to get the job done. Doesn't say much for their service does it. Also, when Ricky got it here, the battery was completely dead, to the point that he had to go buy another battery. All they had to do at CW was plug it in every few days to keep the battery up enough to not kill it. I'm not saying anything else about Camping World but I hope you know what I think of their work.

So long.

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