Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday July 29, 2010-Carlsbad RV Park & Campground

Here we are, getting ready to go into the Roswell alien Museum. The museum has many documents that relate the story of an alleged UFO crash near Roswell in 1947. There was evidence that something did crash out in the desert and that government officials took possession of the evidence and locked it up. The explanation was that a weather balloon had crashed, causing the debris in the desert. It was widely held by UFO proponents that this was merely a cover up but ended being a good story and put Roswell on the map as a place to visit.
This photo was taken at the Area 51 "Museum" which is a rather hokey representation of "aliens" dressed and posed and is a fun area for children. I don't think either Tyler or Cameron was very impressed with it. Here the boys are standing in front of a flying alien creature.

Here is Cameron relaxing on a couch with a new friend.

Here is Cam sitting in an outhouse with another alien friend.

Even PePaw got to sit with a new alien friend.
We went to eat at Happy's again this morning and had a great breakfast to start our day. We then went and had the truck serviced and the radiator flushed to try to find out what may have caused the overheating problem. It seems to be fixed now, and the only thing we could find was that the radiator was a little low on coolant, but that has been fixed now. We should be good to go now.

We came back to Carlsbad, intending to go to the Living Desert Zoo but we were one minute too late to get in. They close the gates promptly at 3:30, their advertised time, so we will go tomorrow, which will be our last full day here. We still have some more things we want to do here before we leave, so the adventures here will continue.
So long.

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