Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday July 23, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Our first night with the boys...They certainly slept well. At least this morning when I woke and came into the living room where they were, they slept very well. Our couch makes into a queen size bed with an inflatable mattress that must be very comfy, because there was a lot of snoring coming from them. I went down and had coffee with John and later Cameron came down, so I fixed him a cup of coffee.

The boys and I took Stella to work this morning and after, I took them to the Hooks Airport in Tomball. Hooks is a very interesting place where you can actually drive out beside the runways to watch takeoffs and landings. There are no commercial passenger flights out of Hooks, so there are no security measures in place. Anyone that has flown in the past few years know of the searches and questioning that is necessary to even get near the gates, much less to be able to drive out into the airport itself. Other than signs that warn you not to enter the runway, there is nothing to prevent someone from driving their vehicle onto the runway.

We watched several airplanes take off and land, including a couple of corporate jets. There is even a long pond that seaplanes can land on. There is a ramp at the end for the seaplane to pull out of the water, although none were seen this trip. I have seen seaplanes parked near this but not actually on the water.

We came on back home and hung out here. I helped Tyler get a Facebook page going. We had asked his Mom if he could do one, and I assured her that I would make certain that he didn't get into something that she wouldn't approve of. I have caught up with many of my old friends, including people I went to high school and college with and many that I worked with in the past. It is good to find old friends and I am scheduled to go to a class reunion in October. I'll be sure to tell you more about that in the future, and of course, after I go. Stay tuned...

Mike and Patrice came up this afternoon to show us their new Ford truck. Mike said that Patrice didn't feel comfortable in their single-wheeled truck, so being the good husband he is, he went right out and bought her a new one. I would do the same for Stella except that I would try to find her a better truck than the Ford. Another GMC would be my first choice but a Chevy would do. One of the new Dodge trucks would certainly be of consideration, since they don't use the Urea injection, unlike the Ford and GM trucks. I'm still thinking on that one..

We went out to eat at the 88 Buffet on Sawdust. Stella and I have eaten there s few times in the past and the food is very good. We all had a good time and made plans to get together in Colorado. They had started out to go to Wyoming, but had to return home. We are looking forward to seeing them in Colorado when we all get together.

So long.

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