Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday July 17, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Today began as a routine day for us with coffee for me at the rally hall. I made a few more cups this morning because I knew the people from the rally might come by and drink with us, but they didn't show up, in fact, most of them left today. When I got through drinking coffee with John, I walked down through the park and saw and spoke with two of the men that I had talked to yesterday. They are farmers and ranchers in the east Texas area and had to get back to care for their animals.

When I got back home, Stella wanted to go over to Mel's Country Cafe again for breakfast. This seemed like a splendid idea because we love the restaurant and they are now open on Saturday and Sunday for breakfast and since they are very near Timber Ridge, we thought we should go. No one else in our little group was up and about, so we left. When we got to Mel's there was only one other couple eating there, so we had our choice of seats. It didn't take long for the place to fill up-I guess lots of folks sleep in on Saturday morning-but the food was fine. We will definitely be back there for breakfast!

I took Stella to work and dropped her off and returned home. It was another hot day and most everyone stayed inside and out of the heat. Ricky said he had to go in to his office this morning, so I stayed home with Cassie. Ricky later told me he wrote a contract on a house which is great news. With the depressed housing market, it seems like years since he has sold a house. At least he remembered how to go into his computer and pull up the forms.

We all got together in the late afternoon and decided that we would go to Hooters for supper and have some of their hot wings. We all love their food, so after I went and got Stella, she came in and freshened up and we rode over to Hooters. Peggy and Len didn't go with us but said they would see us when we got back. We had a fun time at Hooters but when we came back home, we learned that a storm had blown through damaging some people's awnings and generally blowing things around the park. My satellite dish had blown over, damaging the LNB holder. I sat it back up, but since the thing is cracked, I just switched us over to cable and didn't try to realign the dish. We're only going to be here for a few days more, and can put up with not having Dish network that long. I hadn't planned to take it with us on our trip with the boys anyway. It was still raining a bit when we got back, so there was no sitting out tonight and we all turned in. Another good one in the book for us.

So long.

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