Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday July 4, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Here is the best shot I was able to take of the fireworks that the park set off tonight.
Two kids from the park enjoyed the show. They sat there for over 30 minutes, watching the fireworks.
I woke this morning and went to the rally hall for coffee. I met a very new couple to RV'ing that had just bought their very first trailer that had many questions. I talked with them for a long time and gave them some ideas, and hope I was able to help them. They said they will be back tomorrow for more coffee, but we'll see.
I came back home and ate breakfast in the trailer. We had decided yesterday to go see an old friend, Bob Holley, who is the first Mayor of Dickinson and a good friend of both us and Mike and Patrice. Patrice began her career as City Secretary under Bob's regime and he signed my first Police Identification card at the Dickinson Police Dept. where I worked for 18 years. Bob was also a director of the Citizen's State Bank where Stella worked, so we both worked with him as well as being friends with him. Bob retired a few years ago and now lives in his RV about 25 miles away from us here.
Bob guided us to Fajita Jacks restaurant near Lake Conroe, where we had a good and great conversation. It was really nice to sit with him and reminisce about Dickinson and the people we know there. Bob had the best memory for people I ever saw. If you came into his drug store, not only would he remember your name, he could remember your ailment. Amazing!
After we took Bob back home, we came back here to the park. I came inside because my recliner had been screaming for someone to come sit on her and relax for a few hours, which I was glad to help in doing. I am just that kind of guy...
Mike finally figured out what was mis-wired in the television cables and got his TV to pick up the cable signal. Now Patrice is a happy camper! And of course, Mike is happy because Patrice is happy.
We watched the small fireworks display tonight and came home. It was a very nice 4th of July celebration down here.

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