Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday July 5, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Today is the final day of the holiday weekend. The park was pretty full but several people had cancelled due to the rain on Friday. It was their loss because the weekend was fine but hot, not unexpected in Houston.

I went over and helped Mike get his rig closed up to go home. It all came back to him just fine and he really didn't need my help. I went over to see other friends that were leaving this morning and actually missed seeing Mike and Patrice when they pulled out. One couple, Eddie and Debbie, were out for the first time in their new toyhauler and I figured they might need help more than Mike would, so I went over to see if I could help them. They had talked about trading their travel trailer for a fifth wheel toyhauler and I gave them a Heartland contact card and invited them to our rally in October.

After most of the rigs pulled out, I came back home and hung out in the air conditioned comfort of the trailer. While sitting in my recliner, I noticed the refrigerator light was on, and told Stella about it. About an hour later, the light was out again, so its still not working properly. This has been going on long enough and I hope the part comes in soon. I was told by the Heartland Parts Dept. that it was being sent by priority mail, so maybe it will be here tomorrow.

We washed clothes later in the afternoon. I took the clothes down for Stella and came back and picked up the clean clothes and walked them back home. Our friends Larry and Pat came back from their weekend trip to Fredricksburg and brought us some Fredricksburg Farms salsa that will be delicious. I visited with them some before coming back home for the night.

So long.

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