Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thursday July 22, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

There was no coffee this morning because John's daughter had what they thought was an appendicitis attack last night and they were at the emergency room until 2:30 this morning. It turned out to be some sort of cyst that was causing her the pain, so further (expensive) will be required.

I had coffee and breakfast in the trailer with Stella this morning. The refrigerator is working, and holding about 36-37 degrees, so soon we will have to go to the grocery store to replenish the fridge. It feels good, but it will likely be expensive...

I drove down to Texas City this afternoon to pick up Tyler and Cameron. I had been told not to be there before about 3 o'clock because the daycare group was going to Moody Gardens in Galveston and the boys wanted to go with them. It will likely be their last trip with this group. Cam called his MeMaw to tell her that they were back at the karate school earlier than they had expected, so I went on down to get them. First I had to load up some of the big items that we have accumulated here, the little lifesaver refrigerator, the two big adirondack chairs and several boxes of papers that Stella worked on for the doctors. All of that went into our storage area before I got the boys. Cam was looking out the door for me when I drove up, so I guess he is getting anxious to go. We went by their house to get their clothes and other stuff, but their Mom was working from home today and of course, wanted to be there when the boys left. The boys had folded up their clothes and put them into garbage bags to be taken to the trailer so that we wouldn't have to store suitcases or even duffle bags. We had gotten two small three-drawer cabinets for them to put their clothes in, so there wouldn't be so much clutter in the living room and it worked out just fine. Everything they had brought fit in perfectly, so now it is much neater.

The boys and I dropped off their bags of clothes at the trailer before we went to pick up Stella from work. We stopped off at James Coney Island for our supper tonight. They had sent out an email on a special 87th anniversary sale on coneys for 87 cents, so we all had cheap coney islands for supper. I took them to Chik-Filet for their dessert of a milkshake, so they were full when we got home. They didn't waste any time getting back into the swing of thing here, and changed into their bathing suits and went swimming almost as soon as they got back here.

It was good to have them back and we are going to have a great time on vacation.

So long.

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