Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Here is our trailer in the foreground with Mike and Patrice's in the row behind ours. They bought another truck to pull the trailer, so they are all ready to resume their traveling. Its about time!

After coffee, I took Stella to work and came on back home. I knew our old friends Mike and Patrice were coming in today, so I had to get a few things ready for their arrival. I may have told you before about a pair of Adirondack chairs that I bought many years ago. We used to carry these big 'ol things around with us because they were comfortable chairs and we didn't have any good folding chairs. They were too big to carry in the bed of the truck and would have blown out on the road, so I carried them inside the doorway of the trailer. They were the last thing to go into the trailer and of course, the last to come out. Patrice said that she knew when we had truly arrived because when she saw the chairs come flying out the door, we were there. Stella hated the chairs because they were right in the door and she couldn't get in without moving them so when we were in our site, she would throw them on the ground and go inside the trailer. She couldn't use the bathroom on the trailer while traveling because of those chairs. I refused to get rid of them and used them for a long time on the front porch of the house, simply because they aggravated Stella, but they were truly comfortable chairs and too good to just throw out. I bought some cushions for them to make them even more comfy and they too are still in our storage. I brought them out for Mike and Patrice's arrival to bring back the old times that we all spent together, and put the chairs in their site right across the street from us. They got a big kick out of seeing them when they drove up.

I helped Mike get set up with their new trailer. It is a 2007 Bighorn that has been modified by the former owner. He did some interesting things to the trailer, and time will tell if Mike keeps them or changes things up to suit himself. They knew we have a Bighorn because they read this blog to keep track of us. It's a shame that we haven't been able to stay in touch because Mike and I go back a loooong way. We first worked together for the LaMarque Police Dept., back in the early 70's, again at the Dickinson Police Dept. and finally for the City of Missouri City. Patrice is the City Secretary for Missouri City and previously for the City of Dickinson. We have been traveling and camping with them for fifteen years or more! Wow, how time flies...

We had some good times together, and maybe someday I'll tell you about them. They are good tales, so you might want to stay tuned...

We got them all set up and Mike and I sat outside to start catching up on old friends and times. We sat outside in the old Adirondack chairs for probably two hour before going into our trailers. It was good to have them back.

I went to pick Stella up after work and we decided to take Mike and Patrice out to eat some mexican food at the Casa Imperial. It was another good meal and good times with old friends. It had started to rain again, so we didn't sit out at night.

So long.

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