Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thursday July 8 thru Tuesday July 13, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Well. I've managed to get way behind on this record of our adventures, so today I'll try to get all caught up. It's been pretty uneventful around here for the most part, but here goes...

Thursday we didn't do much of anything but go to work and come back home. We stopped off and ate on the way home and came in and hung out for the rest of the evening.

Friday, John and I went to PPL to look at trailers for John and to see if they had the part that we needed to fix our refrigerator. They told me at PPL that the part would not be available from Dometic until the end of July. Wow, this parts thing is going downhill fast...We also went to Camping World while we were on that side of town, but they said they have never heard of that part number. Since we were down the street from Holiday World, we went by there for my part, but they were no help either. I did get a telephone number for Dometic and when we left the store, I called them. Dometic, who is not known for their customer service, was no help at all either. I spoke to a clerk who seemed to be put out when I asked about a certain part number, but she told me that the part was indeed back ordered and would not be in until near the end of the month. I asked about exchanging my fridge, since I have a refrigerator that cannot be repaired and is still in warranty but of course, she could not make that call. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, she said he was not in his office, but took my name and telephone number. I am still waiting for his call...Our last stop this afternoon was at the Ron Hoover dealership. They don't have much of a parts department, so I just met with Kevin, the salesman that is working with me on the rally in October. He gave me some Heartland brochures and business cards and showed John a Landmark trailer that he really liked. Perhaps he'll decide to buy one. Tommy and Susan came in today with their new air conditioner on their motorhome. It works much better now and they are very happy. They also had someone make them some covers for the front windshield and side windows to keep the sunlight out too, so that is another energy saver. We all like Mel's Diner in Tomball, so I took them with me when Stella got off and we went to eat there with them. There was a nice breeeze when we got back to the park, so we sat outside at their place and visited with them.

Saturday was just another work day for us. I took Stella to work and came to the park. I hung out here until time to pick her up, but Tommy called and said he was making coney islands for us to eat when she got in. We stopped off at the store and bought a key lime pie for dessert. We had a very nice meal with our friends and sat out chatting until the skeeters started biting.

On Sunday, we went over to Brookshire where we met with our friends A.D. and Dee, that we had worked with at Stephen F. Austin state park. We met them at Orlandos Pizza Buffet and had another great meal with them. We enjoyed our time with them and sat in the restaurant for about an hour and a half and came on back to the park late in the evening. Tommy's sister Peggy and her husband Len had come over to the park along with their grand daughter Megan and her friend Amber. We all sat outside for awhile and got caught up. Its nice to have all these friends here with us.

On Monday Stella and I went to see a new dentist, Dr. Nellis, who was recommended by Gwen. He is a very gentle man that was very careful with my sore mouth and teeth, and after taking x-rays, he gave me the bad news. I will have to see an oral surgeon and will have to have some major dental work done soon. Rats, this will interfere with our plans to have some improvements done to the trailer next year when we go to the Heartland rally in Goshen. Oh well, it's only money!

We also got some more bad news tonight. Susan's mother was rushed to the hospital with what was thought to have been a heart attack. The doctors are still doing tests on her, but I'm sure that Tommy and Susan will be going back home sooner than they expected to.

On Tuesday I talked to Jim Fenner at Heartland and learned that Dometic has assured them that my part will be in on Wednesday and will be shipped out to me overnight mail. I sure hope so. We are leaving Sunday the 25th and won't be back here until October. Thats a long time to go without a fridge.

Stella made an appointment for me at Dr. Nellis' office for tomorrow to begin the removal of some of my teeth. If you hear me screaming, don't worry, they're just pulling teeth. Wish me luck!

So long.

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