Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday July 19, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

It began raining last night and apparently rained all night. It continued this morning, making my walk down to the rally hall a very wet affair. When I walked across the grass, it was like walking on a sponge and there were several large puddles that I had to deal with.

Today is our day off and we had planned to go to the funeral services for Pierre but the weather was just too bad to get out. We found a huge wet spot on the door side carpet in the rear of the trailer. I had already sealed the area that we thought may have been leaking but apparently this didn't do the job. I called Jim Fenner for advice and he recommended having someone come out to reseal the back of the trailer, which I will get done.

Stella decided to get our clothes washed up today since we didn't want to get out. I took the dirty clothes down for her and she spent a good amount of time getting the clothes washed and dried. I walked around the park some today between rainstorms. At least the weather is cooler but it is sooo muggy! At least I got a little exercise.

So long.

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