Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday July 27, 2010-Travel day San Angelo KOA to Carlsbad RV Park & Campground

We got up in San Angelo to much cooler and drier air than we are used to in Houston. We are going to enjoy this trip! It was nice to sit with the air conditioner off and still be comfortable. I turned the coffee on this morning, thinking the smell would wake the boys, not knowing that they stay up much later than PePaw does. I drank my coffee and ate my cereal, and they still didn't get up. I finally had to get them up at 7:30. We were going to try to leave earlier than yesterday, but didn't make it. The boys are getting much better at helping me get things put away outside. The problem is, sometimes they get a little overzealous, and turn things off before it is time. I have learned not to turn off ANYthing without checking with Stella first and have the knuckle-bumps to prove it. Tyler turned the water off and I heard a loud voice from inside the trailer. I asked her if that was all right and she said "I guess it is, I have already washed up everything". She is accustomed to me asking before turning the water off.

The bad thing today was that Cameron misunderstood his MeMaw and told Tyler that he could turn the electricity off before she was ready. Well now, that got a completely different response than the "that's all right honey"... We got it worked out and everything got packed away in it's proper place but we still didn't get away until 9:30, or the same time as yesterday. At least we're consistent.

I watched the temperature gauge like a hawk all day, but it never did go up like it did yesterday.
Even when the truck downshifted going up hills, the temp never moved. Thats really strange after our experience yesterday, but I'll take it. I'm still going to get the truck looked at and at least have the cooling system flushed.

We made good time on the trip today and only made one long stop for lunch, just before we got into Andrews TX. We pulled into one of those little picnic areas that the state puts in beside the road. It is nothing more than a wide spot on the shoulder. You know the kind, with a small shelter and a couple of trash barrels. This one was on the opposite side of the road, so we had to exit facing toward the oncoming traffic, but the road (state Hwy. 62) is a lonely road used mostly for oilfield workers servicing the many, many oil wells alongside the road, so there wasn't much traffic to put up with. The one thing about it was that some of the big trucks seemed to shake us worse than the other traffic. I watched one of them as he came by and he drove with his wheels off onto the shoulder of the road, apparently so he could shake the trailer when he drove by. He never came close to us, but the wind blast from his big truck sure shook the trailer.

There was no sign at the border when we crossed it. I intended to stop and take a picture of this historic occasion for the boys first going out of Texas. They actually flew to California a couple of years ago to visit their dad but that doesn't count. It only counts when one is on the ground and able to actually see when they cross the border.

We pulled into Carlsbad about 3 o'clock or 2 o'clock New Mexico time. Remember, we are in Mountain time now. We found the Carlsbad RV Park without any trouble, thanks to our Garmin, and got checked in and set up in less than an hour, including our porch and steps. Its good to be home, at least for a few days. The boys went swimming and I soon joined them for a cool dip in the pool. It was nice and refreshing. The pool was full, so I didn't stay very long and returned home. The boys came back after a little while but changed out of their bathing suits and went back outside. They found some new friends and stayed out with them for awhile. It was nice and relaxing while there was some peace and quiet in the trailer. I didn't nap, but did get to close my eyes for a few minutes. We are so thankful for the life we are able to lead.

So long.

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Melissa said...

You "finally" had to wake them up at SEVEN THIRTY?? Like you think they're gonna get up that early on their own? You had three girls that NEVER wanted to get up. I hope you wake them up like you always did us, lol! Love you, have fun and be careful!!