Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday July 24, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

We all woke this morning after a good night's sleep again. I went to have coffee with John for the last time this trip, but we'll be back of course. Cameron didn't come down today but stayed in the trailer but John's grandson got dropped off with him, so we had a 2 year old to play with and watch. He reminded me of Ian.

I taught Tyler about transferring fuel this morning. There is really nothing to learn, just how to turn the switch on and when to turn it off. We will go by the station this afternoon and fill up both tanks for the trip tomorrow. Tyler didn't want to go with us to take MeMaw to work but stayed home and played on his new Facebook page. He is up to about 30 friends on his page already. He has had a few questions but has figured out most of it himself.

I piddled around outside this morning and got a few things done in preparation for the trip. I talked to John about leaving my dish with him since we don't want to fool with it on the trip. The boys went swimming this afternoon while I took a nap, so it was a typical day in my life. We went over to pick up Stella this afternoon, which took longer. She had to get all the stuff that she had brought over to Timber Ridge out, since it was her last day to work. The boys were stuffed in the back seat with all her boxes. We went to eat at the El Palenque restaurant on our way home. It was a very good meal, and we all enjoyed it. When we finished eating, guess who was sitting at the table right next to us? Our friends from Rayford, Pete and Jean. We lived next to them last fall, and Pete is one of the many coffee drinkers in the morning. They had just returned from their summer trip and were staying at their son's house. Pete is a great story teller, and I'm sure he'll have more tales of his adventures to tell us about.

Stella decided that she would wash our dirty clothes tonight before we left, but wanted to cut my hair before she did the laundry. We went out and she chopped off all my long hair and both of us noticed some very menacing clouds rolling in. It wasn't 10 minutes before the wind started blowing and the thunder and lightning started. The boys had gone swimming again, but soon came running home because of the weather. It hadn't started to rain yet, so I went outside to see if there was anyone that needed help with anything. I went down to check on my dish antenna that I had taken down to John's place, but he had just gotten home and had laid it down on the ground. Thank you John.

We walked around the park for awhile until we could feel the rain coming. John went back home but I went over to my new friends Ernie and Debbie's place to make sure they were all right. Since they are new to the RV lifestyle, I figured they might need some help. When I got there, they had gotten everything done, but were concerned because so many people had run into the bathrooms or under the breezeway but I told them they didn't have much to worry about, especially since they have a generator on their trailer. I helped a couple of guy tie down someone's awning after they left it out. It is an electric awning, so we couldn't just put it down like in the olden days, but we did tie it off for them so it wouldn't get damaged.

I returned home and we sat in the dark for awhile. We ate a little ice cream which made me sleepy and I went to bed about 10 o'clock. I woke about 3 and soon the power came back on. It really wasn't that bad tonight because the rain had cooled things off. I'm glad the power came back on because without air conditioning it would have been really hot for Stella get things packed up inside the trailer. Not to mention that I wouldn't have had a cool place to come into to take a break from packing.

Tomorrow's the big moving day for us...I don't know who is more keyed up, me or the boys.

So long.

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