Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Back to work today for us. After coffee, I took Stella to work. We checked the park as usual and found nothing changed. We have really been impressed with the ease of running this park and most of the people in the park are very nice. There are always a few that make life "interesting". What did Forest Gump say about life being like a box of chocolates?

One of the reasons that Stella didn't want to drive today was because the truck needs fuel, so I went to the store and filled it up. I have realized that I haven't been keeping you up to date on my fuel usage and the mileage we've been getting. I realize that this information is one reason you have been keeping up with us, so I'll bring you up to date. On June 23rd, it took 21.9 gallons to go 339.4 miles for a 15.4 MPG average. On July 10th, it took 26.9 gallons to go 443 miles for a 16.4 MPG average. Today it took 23.6 gallons to go 440 miles for an 18.6 MPG average. Most of this last tank was road miles instead of in town miles taking Stella back and forth to work. I have been a little concerned that the mileage was down, but now it is back where it needs to be.

We stopped at Pancho's Mexican Buffet today, using the last of our coupons for this restaurant. Thank you Donna for letting us use your coupon book. Its not the best food in the world and certainly not authentic mexican food, but where else can you eat for less than $10.00? We can't cook this at home for that much money. Remember kids, we're living on a fixed income...

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

I'm so glad you've gotten several uses out of the coupon book. No use letting it sit there and have the coupons expire in our absence. We drove today in the worst weather we've encountered while pulling. Had to set up in a downpour. We are in for the day!!