Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday July 25, 2010-travel day-Rayford Crossing to Hill Country RV Resort

I woke this morning about 3 AM to find the electricity still off. I checked on the boys but found them snoring in the living room, Tyler on the couch and Cameron in my recliner. The lack of electricity (and air conditioning) didn't seem to be bothering them too much. Of course, it didn't bother me either, so there! About 3:30, lo and behold the power came back on! Hallelujah! It really wasn't that bad in the trailer as long as it was night time, but it would have been brutal during the day without power. We didn't use too many lights during the night, so our battery wasn't affected but the lack of electricity kept the boys from sleeping in their comfy bed because the blow-up mattress needed 110 volt power to operate. I was up anyway, so I got into Stella's recliner and did my normal morning routine.

I have been keeping tabs on tropical storm Bonnie, as have many others. I feel sorry for the people that had trips planned that had to cut them short because of this storm, especially since it fizzled like it did. I guess the only good to come of it was some rain in Louisiana and Florida.

I talked to Bill and Ornell, who went to Florida from the Heartland International rally in Nashville and they had to cut out a couple of days of sightseeing in Florida because of the storm.

The boys stayed down in their covers when the a/c came back on, and had a hard time getting up and going this morning. I didn't really push them either, and we took our time getting packed up. We pulled out at 11:30 but only have 198 miles to go today, so we shouldn't be on the road all that long.

We made our only stop at the rest stop west of Columbus and checked everything out while we were stopped. Everything is doing fine, but the boys have a bad habit of leaving their windows down and doors open, so the interior of the truck warmed up a lot. The air conditioner had a hard time catching up and I really thought there might be something wrong with it, but when we got here to New Braunfels and found some shade, the a/c unit did just fine. At least it feels better than it has been.

The Hill Country park isn't a bad park but the sites are a wee bit tight. It is a Passport America park, so it only cost half price so I guess its okay and its only for one night. I called my Stepmom, Willie Mae, and told her that we'd like to take her out to eat. We agreed to meet her at the Clear Springs restaurant, a famous restaurant just outside of New Braunfels for supper. We had a wonderful meal and good conversation with her. We went back to her house after supper and while on the way, we went down to the Comal river and to the Landa Park RV Park where we went a few times a long time ago. I took some photos and will attach them to tomorrow's blog post, so please come back.

So long.

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