Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday July 26, 2010-Travel Day-Hill Country RV Resort to San Angelo KOA

This is a picture of my Dad's house in New Braunfels where his widow lives now. It is a very nice older house up in the hills above New Braunfels. He greatly enjoyed the house during the many years that he lived there.
We took the boys around the Comal where we used to stay. Here is the entrance to the Landa RV Park and Campground or what we used to refer to as "The Dump". Boy, do we have some stories to tell you about this place....another time.

This used to be the only way into this park. It is now used for short trailers and pop-ups because longer rigs just don't fit. It is amazing that anyone can come in there with anything.

The boys are walking down the stairs to the headwaters of the Comal river, the shortest navigable river in the United States. The water is very clear and maintains a temperature of 72 degrees, year round. It is a very popular place for tubers, or toobers as they are called locally and for scuba divers that retrieve the treasures left behind by the tubers.

Two good looking boys aren't they? They are having a good time so far, but the best is yet to come.

Here is Cameron feeding a deer right out the back window at Grandma Willie Mae's house. She has been feeding the deer since they moved here. There is apparently quite a herd in the canyon behind the house. We saw a four point buck as we left. Everyone in the neighborhood feed the deer and treat them as pets. Several years ago, a new resident moved in that was apparently an avid hunter. He shot one of the tame deer with a bow and arrow and one of the older residents found the deer down in the canyon. I believe they nursed the deer back to health, but the new guy had to look for other living arrangements when they found out who did it.

I filled up with fuel yesterday at a service station because we unhooked the truck from the trailer and needed fuel. We took 22.3 gallons to go 214.7 miles for a 9.6 MPG average.
On to today's drive to San Angelo. We left New Braunfels about 9:30, a lot better than yesterday's departure time. We made good time until we got to Kerrville where the low coolant light came on. When I could pull off the highway, I added some water to the overflow tank for the radiator and the light went off. I watched the temperature carefully and it rose when we went up some of the longer hills. It never got into the danger zone and immediately dropped when the engine speed slowed on the down side of the hill. It only went up a couple of times, and I called my coffee-drinking friend John back at Rayford. John told me to just keep on monitoring the temperature, and everything seemed well-enough that we got to San Angelo without any more problems. I couldn't find any leaks or liquid under the truck, so I don't know where the low coolant went. We'll have to see what tomorrow brings.
We got to the San Angelo KOA about 2 o'clock and got checked in and set up by 3. Further checks of the truck during the afternoon still didn't show anything leaking. I guess thats why I didn't become a mechanic. I'll take the truck somewhere when we get to Carlsbad to get it properly checked. Wish us luck!
So long.

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