Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday April 17, 2009

I woke this morning and checked emails and played on the computer. We didn't make any coffee in the trailer because we are meeting Harry and Judy to go eat breakfast before going back over to the rally site. The exhibitors will be set up today and we want to start looking. We are also planning to go to one of the seminars this afternoon.

It is not as cold this morning, only 39 degrees. The weather guessers on television are still saying it may snow, but I don't see it happening here, unless it gets much colder.

We went to eat breakfast at Weck's for breakfast. It was a good place to choose, and we all got more food than we could eat. I had a short stack of pancakes and they were huge! I ate about 2/3 of them and gave it up. We got to the rally expo about 10:15 without problem but it was still cold. We walked through the first building where the Camping World exhibits were. There were probably 50-60 booths to look through including CW. Stella bought some things for Cassie, a portable water bowl and a name tag with my telephone number on it. We extended our Camp Club USA membership. We had gotten our year's subscription when we bought our trailer, so we just extended it for another year. We got to spin a prize wheel and won a CCUSA blanket. Very nice! Stella bought a The Rally tee shirt and we both looked at several other items, but nothing was bought.....yet.

When we went outside to go to the next exhibitor building, it was snowing! A very light dusting of snow that didn't stick but it was snowing!

Went into the second building and walked through much of it before leaving to go to the Traveling to Alaska seminar. The man who put on the seminar runs a caravan company, so his presentation was kind of slanted to his caravan, but it was informative. I'm not that impressed with an Alaska trip, but I could change my mind. I left the hall before the presentation ended because my back was hurting from the chairs. We have all been unimpressed with the seating arrangements here. the chairs are all hardback and are all tie-wrapped together, so you cannot separate from your neighbor to make room. I don't know if they are afraid that someone will steal one of the chairs, or if they are trying to conserve space in the halls, but their methods are not working for the comfort of their guests.

We came back to the trailers when the seminar was over to let Cassie out and to rest up for the entertainment tonight, Neil Sedaka. We planned to leave here about 6:30 for the performance. On the way we saw a lot of snow that had fallen on the Sandia Mountains which are just east of town. The clouds were still very low and it was very pretty.

The Neil Sedaka show was very good, and brought back lots of memories. He has been writing songs since he was 13 years old and said it has been 57 years. He looks very good and still sounds the same for a 70 year old man. He sang a duet of one of his songs with his daughter, who was seen on tape. She is a beautiful girl and now sings in New York. He danced on stage and was very spry for a man that old.

There was a couple that sat down behind us that was from Canada. They both had been drinking and brought beer with them. They kept talking loudly and disturbing all of us. They finally got up and stood in the rear of the hall, which suited us just fine. We planned to move if they had come back.

I looked over at one of the side doors to the hall and saw a lot of water coming off the roof, but when we got outside, it was lightly raining, and at times it felt like sleet. I know it was cold outside, but we had dressed better for the cold so it was not that bad.

We returned to the trailers after making plans for going back to the rally site in the morning.

It was another good night but we hope it warms up tomorrow.

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