Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday April 29, 2009

Stella woke me this morning about 7:30. It's getting easier to sleep in every day. If she hadn't woke me up, I don't know how late I might have slept.

I read on the Internet of the plan to give retirees their "share", $250.00, of the stimulus package. Let's see now, I've been paying taxes now for about 50 years; our president signed this stimulus package for $787 billion dollars (I don't know if I can write out that number!) and we retirees get $250! It seems to me that we should get the biggest share of the money. Who deserves it more, people that have faithfully paid into the system for many years or greedy corporations that can't manage the money they already make and can't produce a product that people really want and need, is reliable and a good value? If the government gave each of us a million dollars, we could truly stimulate the economy!

I'll get down off my soapbox now.

Via Bayou, the park where we are staying for the month, is a pretty nice place. It is as quiet a park as we have ever stayed in. Most of the people in this park apparently work nearby, so the place is pretty well deserted during the day. I walked around today to check out the rest of the park and found a lot of interesting things around here. For the golfers, there is a course nearby. When I took up golf a few years ago, I discovered that I didn't need to play golf because I had already learned how to curse.

The company that owns this park spent a lot of money on the bulkheads around the bayou. They went to the trouble and expense to put in metal bulkheads and to cap many of them with heavy lumber. They have installed a new pier into the bayou and piers in a small sheltered bay area near the park. We spoke with a couple that was fishing off the main pier and were told that the fishing is generally good there.

The park suffered major damage from Hurricane Ike but most has been repaired or replaced. The only thing that I would like to see them put in is a cable or TV dish to make more channels available to guests.

Back to our journal, Stella fixed us some delicious tacos for supper, which I finished up with a couple of her no-sugar chocolate chip cookies.

It was a good way to finish up the night.

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