Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday April 28, 2009

I guess I am getting used to being retired because I stay up until 10 or later and sleep until 7-7:30. We began the day with coffee and biscuits. Stella is really getting the hang of the new half time oven, and her baked goods are great!

We went back to the house this morning to meet the exterminator. I started cleaning up the garage and
Stella started in the back bedroom. We worked for a couple of hours when the exterminator arrived. I walked around the outside of the house with him and he pointed out the two areas where he saw evidence of termites. We talked about the estimate and he told us how much the entire package of work would cost.

When he left, Stella said she was ready to leave, having filled three large bags with clothes and having an additional three bags being ready to be put into bags. I had filled all the trash cans and had taken them out to be picked up by the trash service, so we left a little before noon. We got a pretty good start on the house.

Stella needed something else from the grocery store, so we went to the Kroger store in Texas City. I was too dirty to go inside the store, so while she went in and shopped, I stayed out in the truck. I called the Blue Spruce RV park where we will go this summer, to check on the availability of sites. The man that answered told me that there should be plenty of sites for me and anyone else that wants to come with us.

I have been exchanging emails between Rick and Donna about our plans for our summer trip starting in the mid-west and ending in Colorado. We have made three reservations at some parks in South Dakota and Idaho; Badlands RV Ranch in Interior S. Dakota, Custer's Gulch RV park in Custer S. Dakota and Valley View RV park in Island Park Idaho. This way, we have confirmed reservations in three of the more popular parks. It's exciting to make these plans and I am very thankful to have good friends to go with. I am especially thankful for Donna for doing all the research on parks and attractions. She really missed her calling -she would have made a great trip planner!

We came back to the trailer and Stella started making some more cookies for me. She makes the best sugar-free chocolate chip cookies! Jeremy called me and asked if we could pick up the boys from the karate school. He had to work late and Kim had something to do after work, so we went down and got them and took them home. We stayed there until Jeremy and Kim got home. They ordered a pizza, so we stayed and ate with them but came back home after eating. We watched some more television before retiring for the night.

So long.

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