Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday April 27, 2009

Today was another slow day for us. Stella needed to go to work for awhile, so I took her to Dr. Gulde's office where I dropped her off. I returned to the trailer and piddled (napped and watched television) around here until she called me to come get her.

We went to Sam's club for a few items today. We specifically needed some large trash bags to put clothes into at the house. We only buy a few items at Sam's and I am questioning the need to keep our membership, since we really can't find room for many of the items there. We'll have to make that decision soon.

We returned to the trailer and Stella made us some coney islands for supper. We just hung out here for the rest of the night.

About eight o'clock, Stella put the trash out for me to take to the dumpster when I took Cassie for a walk. It had been windy all day long and threatening rain, so when I went outside, I decided not to go to the dumpster right now. I hadn't even gotten back to my recliner when it started to rain-hard! The winds blew, shaking the trailer and the rains came and came.....
This is the only time that I want the security of a house back. I could feel the trailer move every time the wind blew hard, but we didn't have any trouble over night. Cassie and I made it through the night, asleep in our bed.

Another day done.

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