Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday April 8, 2009

Today was our travel day. I didn't go to the rally hall but drank my coffee in the trailer. I ate a bowl of grits for my breakfast and went outside and began getting things packed up and ready to go.

We got away from the park about 10:15AM. Since we had gotten fuel last night, all we had to do was hit the road. We made very good time on the road and decided to follow the GPS (Gertrude) route to Tyler. Well, we adjusted the route a little bit, but still pretty much went with her way to get to Tyler. We only stopped once for fuel in Palestine. We got 13.4 gallons at $2159 per gallon to go 141.3 miles for an average of 10.5 miles per gallon. Not too bad considering we are carrying our house with us!

We got to the park in Tyler about 2:30 and got all set up without problems. I came inside and immediately was grateful that we had the second air conditioner because it was already pretty cool inside. I sat down in my recliner and immediately went sound asleep. I woke about 5 and took a shower and got cleaned up to go see Aunt Frat. I spoke with Janie and learned that she is in the UT Hospital on the north side of Tyler. We got to the hospital about 7 and had a nice visit with Frat. Butch's daughter Misty and her husband and daughter got there about the time we left. Frat's color looks good and her mind seemed to be as sharp as ever. She said that they have run lots of tests and can't figure out whats wrong with her. I don't know whether she is in denial or really doesn't know what her problem is.

We stopped off at a restaurant near the hospital, Vaughn's Catfish. We got plenty of food to eat, and it was delicious. I had the shrimp/oyster dinner and Stella had the all you can eat assortment which gave her some catfish fillets with the shrimp and oysters. We took enough for another meal for both of us in a doggie box. I was able to get the box because Stella couldn't get one with the all you can eat dinner.

we got back home about 9:30 and watched some television. There are so many channels on the park cable, it took me over an hour to eliminate the channels we don't want. This is a nice park for a short stay. There are lots of long-term people in the park. There was one Bighorn, one Landmark and one Sundance in the park. If I get a chance, I'll try to talk to them before we leave.

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