Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday April 18, 2009

I woke pretty early this morning and checked the computer as usual. I ate cereal for my breakfast and drank coffee. It was 35 degrees when I woke, but at least it didn't snow any more last night.

I went down to the office about 8:30 and had one of the propane tanks filled. It is certainly reasonable here, only cost $13.06 to have it filled. I had both filled in Donna for $15.00 each and thought that was a great deal. Guess I was wrong about that.....

We are going back to the Expo center where the rally is being held this morning. We left here just a little after 9 and went to the center. Today was the day for everyone to check their numbers to find the matching numbers to win a prize. Everyone was given a sticker with a large four digit number on it and the idea was that there were three other people in attendance that had matching numbers. Harry soon located one of his matching numbers on another rally attendee. They went to the booth where the numbers were checked and information given to the volunteer on duty in the booth. We were not as lucky and neither Judy nor I ever found our matching numbers/people. We continued to go through exhibitor's booths and while taking a break from shopping, Stella and I went outside and saw Bob and Grace Stewart eating their lunch. While chatting with them, Stella and Grace were found to have matching numbers. As soon as they finished their lunch, we all went over to the booth and reported that matching numbers had been found. Stella and Grace were given the choice of a shopping bag or a cap. Stella chose the bag because I have plenty of caps. They were registered and were to return at 3:00 to be there for the grand prize drawing.

We walked around a little more to look at the displays. Stella bought a pink shirt and had a pink flamingo, the mascot of the Texas Boomers, on the front. I found a long handle squeegee to dry the truck and trailer when I wash them. She will have to go back to get her shirt after they put the flamingo on it and I will pick up my squeegee.

We went to the prize drawing for the matching winners, but of course, none of us won anything. It was fun to watch the winners being picked and Camping World gave away some very nice gifts including some nice chairs, recliners, inverters, converters and a very nice sleep Number mattress worth about $1,900. Wow!

After we missed out on all the prizes, we went back and got our purchases and left for the day. It was a very tiring day, with long walks and lots of time on our feet.

I was given the choice of where we would eat supper. I remembered a Cracker Barrel restaurant on I-25 when we were on our way to the entertainment venue, so that was where we went. It was a nice meal and a good way to end this day. We all decided not to go to the Rita Coolidge concert tonight.

Midway through the Good Sam rally.

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