Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday April 15, 2009

I went out for a walk about 7AM. I wanted to see if the people in our site have moved out yet. I knew that they are working the rally and are going to the fairground to park for the rally. I did talk briefly to the man in our site, but didn't say anything to him, I could see that he was moving out soon. There were about four rigs that had already pulled out, so I knew it wouldn't be long before a large group pulled out. I did meet two men that were in Bighorn trailers. One of them, David Schimpp, gave me his address in Minnesota but I didn't get the other man's name. They both said they would go onto the Heartland Owners Forum.

Sure enough, Harry and Judy called us and asked us to come drink coffee with them and eat some sweet rolls that Judy had made. WE spent about an hour or so over there with them and noticed that about half the park was leaving. There was a huge traffic jam as they prepared to pull out. As soon as they got out, we went back to our trailer and got things ready to move over into our site. that took about fifteen minutes, so we didn't wast any time in getting moved in. One of the first things I started on was to hook up the electrical cord. As I turned to take the box with the cord in it, I tripped over the concrete apron around the sewer line and fell, scraping most of the skin off the back of my left hand. I take blood thinners, so I bleed a lot. My hand was soon covered with blood and I stopped the hooking up process to care for my hand. We went inside the trailer and washed my hand off and while doing so, Frank and Nancy came over. They saw my hand and immediately helped Stella to take care of my injury. Frank drenched the scrape with hydrogen peroxide and after drying it off, Nancy put a large bandage over it and secured it with some tape.

We finished up the utility hook-up with Stella doing most of the work. She insisted on doing it because she didn't want to take a chance on getting my hand infected. What a gal....!

I did set up our porch, which caused the tape and bandage to come loose. After getting it set up, I came back inside and set up our Internet connection while Stella took a shower. When she got through, I took a shower and cleaned up and we met Harry and Judy and went to the rally site to get our name tags and rally instructions.

The rally site is in a large horse racing facility. We had to park in the outside parking area and had to walk a long way into the registration area. When we got there, there were long lines to get registered. We stood in line for about 20 minutes and when we finally go to the window, the man told us that we needed a card that was only used for people staying onsite. We told him that we hadn't gotten a card and he very rudely told us to go across the room to get the card that we needed. We went across and talked to a very nice lady who took us over to the registration desk. She went to the box where the registration packets are kept and immediately found our information. She brought it back to us and handed us our ID cards and the other packet items. Not a very good way to start the rally. Harry and Judy had a similar problem but they had a little bit more cooperative person that was finally convinced to look for their packet. We finally got through with the process, and very unhappily left. We did go out and bought some tee shirts and a cap for me.

We left the rally and went to get something to eat. We found a good Mexican restaurant where we had a good meal. We stopped off at Walgreen's after that and got more medical supplies for my injury and came home. I started to hurt from the fall and decided that I am going to take some pain medication and go to bed and hope that I am feeling better in the morning.

Not a real good way to start off our rally attendance.


your favorite kid said...

aawww...poor Daddy. Be careful out there! I don't wanna have to drive to New Mexico to visit you in the hospital. ;)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Juju told me to tell you that her name is now Juju not Judy.