Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday April 14, 2009

We slept in this morning in this very nice park. We both went down to the shower house to clean up, so we didn't get away until about 9:30. We made very good time on the road, with little traffic. I blew my horn at the KOA park in Tucumcari that we used to stay at, and stopped for fuel and took 14.8 gallons at $2.149 per gallon to go 119 miles for an 8.04 mpg average.

The good thing about this trip in the diesel truck was that on the long hill climbs, we didn't lose speed and even passed some 18 wheelers. This is quite a difference from my old gas engine truck that would get down to 25-30 miles an hour and be passed by kids on bicycles. Just kidding! :)

This going uphill and fighting a fierce headwind sucks!! We stopped again for fuel at Clines Corner. We took 13.8 gallons at $2.599 to go 115.9 miles for an 8.4 average. Up a little bit but still bad mileage.

We got into the High Desert RV Park in Albuquerque about 2:30. Harry was already here and came out to the freeway to meet us and lead us into the park. It is kind of tricky to find the road the park is on. We had called ahead and learned that there was a foul-up with our reservations and didn't have a site until tomorrow. The lady in the park said we could stay on a dirt road beside the park, along with about five other rigs for the night. We pulled over there and put all the jacks down for stability. Since there was nothing else to hook up, it didn't take long to get done.

Judy had fixed us supper of chicken and dumplings which were very good. We sat with them for awhile in their trailer before I got tired and went home to our trailer. Since we didn't have any electricity, I didn't want to run the battery down in the laptop, so I read for a bit and went to bed. Remember, we're on Mountain time here which is an hour earlier than Texas time, so my watch (Texas time) said 9:15 when it was 8:15 here. We were expecting a cold night, so we added another blanket to the bed, but I couldn't get comfortable, I would wake up hot and kick off the covers, then get cold and cover up again. I got up about 4:15 MST time and read my book on the couch. I went back to sleep and finally got up about 7AM and went for a walk around the park.

So went our first day in New Mexico.

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