Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday April 19, 2009

It was 41 degrees outside this morning, but nice a cozy inside. Both heaters are working very well in keeping us nice and warm. I'm glad we brought along the little electric oscillating heater instead of leaving it in storage like we thought about doing.

We decided to take today off from the rally. We have been walking so much, we were all tired, so we stayed home today. It was really kind of nice to just stay in, taking it easy instead of getting up and going all day long like we have been doing.

Stella fixed us some pigs in a blanket for our breakfast, and I finished my last Tom Clancy book, so we just watched some TV and hung out here. Stella later made some more sugar free chocolate chip cookies.

Around noon, Judy called and asked if we wanted to go to the grocery store with them. We did, so we all drove over to the Albertsons to shop. There was a car wash going on, so Harry got his truck washed. It looks pretty good. We all finished our shopping and agreed that we would have supper together about 5.

Judy fixed a meat loaf and had some mashed potatoes and Stella made some squash, so we had a very good meal. Stella also made a killer dessert with ice cream sandwiches layered with fruit and other goodies. Boy were we full when we finished all that!

Stella and I went to the concert tonight, which was the Osmond brothers. They are good entertainers and Wayne Osmond is really funny. They are worth seeing, but had no hits of their own to do for us. It was worth going to, but not as good as the other entertainers that we've seen and heard about.

We got back to the trailer about 9:30, which is 10:30 in Texas. We are in Mountain Time here and I am proud of myself for staying up as late as I have been.

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