Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday April 30, 2009

We took things pretty easy again today. We seem to be in a habit of doing this every two or three days now that we're retired. I got up and drank some coffee and ate a couple of biscuits for my breakfast and went for a walk around the park.

The storage place where we have some of our stuff stored called day before yesterday and asked us to come check our stuff because of water having gotten in. We drove up there today and discovered that he was right, we had water damage. The only things we could find that were damaged was one box that had kitchen "stuff" in it and an old bed comforter that was soaked. I took the comforter our and laid it on the hood of the truck and watched the water running out of it. The box of "stuff" was not really damaged but we brought it back to the trailer so that Stella could go through it and clean up anything she wanted to keep. The manager was out in the lot, so we had to call him back later. He said we could change into another storage room, but we will stay here for now. It is convenient to get in and out of, so we'll stay here.

After leaving there, we went to Ted and Donna's house to visit with them. We soon went out to eat at Willy's Icehouse in the Woodlands. It was good, although all we had were burgers and fries. Donna had a coupon for free onion rings, so we had those for an appetizer.

After finishing up our meal, we left and came back to the park. It is amazing that we've only been gone a few months and the changes that have been made. There are new stores, strip centers and a nice big Shell gas station on 146 that wasn't there before. I can't wait to leave for four or five months to see the changes made.

We got back to the park and while Stella was walking Cassie, a Dodge pickup truck pulling a Grand Junction trailer came in. The truck was making a lot of noise as if the transmission was having a problem.

Back to work on the house tomorrow.

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