Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday April 22, 2009

I woke this morning freezing. The temp was 50, but I was really cold. When I went to bed, the air conditioner had been on, but at some point during the night it got colder and Stella turned it off. I turned the heater on and all is well now.

I heard a couple of rigs leaving about 7:15, so someone was up and busy this morning. We are going to check out the Palo Duro Canyon this morning. We didn't make it to the Grand Canyon, so we'll take the next best thing here in Texas.

We were slow in getting started this morning and didn't leave the park until about 10:30. We went to the Big Texan, famed for their free 72 ounce steak, for their breakfast buffet. I found a coupon in one of the Amarillo brochures in the office, so we got two for one pricing. The buffet ended at 11, but they let us eat anyway. The food was still good and plentiful, and actually there were a couple of people that came in after we did and got the buffet too.

We left the restaurant and went to the Palo Duro State Park. We don't go to enough State parks to justify buying their Golden Passport for $50.00 per year. It cost us $16.00 to get into this park and was definitely worth it! I'm not sure how deep the park is, but it seems like a half mile to the bottom when you're driving it. I did manage to keep the speed down on the down trip, and didn't have any trouble at all going uphill. This diesel is great! I have been so impressed with it on this trip.

We stayed about two and a half hours in the park and took a lot of photos. When we left, we went into Canyon on the West Texas A & M campus to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. This was very interesting and claims to have one of the biggest museums in Texas.

FYI-the Passion Play, presented in the PDSP doesn't start until May 1. They have stopped the year-round presentation.

We came back to Amarillo and stopped at the Cadillac Ranch which is only about a half-mile east of the Oasis park. It was certainly different, and again we took some pictures.

After finishing up at the buried Cadillac museum, we stopped at the Love's for fuel. We got 13.7 gallons at $2.149 to go 209.7 miles for a 15.3 mpg average. Wow, this is great!! Only about 50 miles of this trip were not pulling the trailer, so our average pulling is way up there! More accolades for the diesel truck.

We returned to the trailer and watched some TV and relaxed after a day of walking around and seeing new things. Still another wonderful day, living the life!

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